In order for Sapient devices to seamlessly connect to your network, your network must be configured. Generally, most networks do not require any changes to be ready for Sapient devices; however, you should be confident that you've properly prepared your network. In the case that you miss one of the steps below, your Sapient devices may need to be returned and reconfigured.

  1. Your network must be 2.4Ghz Wifi 
  2. Your network must have no captive portal or intermediary login step
  3. Your network credentials, SSID and Password, must remain unchanged for the lifetime of the Sapient system installation. If you need to change the network credentials, please notify your Sapient account engineer ahead of making the change. Not doing so will result in your Sapient system going completely offline.
  4. WPA or WEP encryption, although WPA is highly recommended as it is the more secure method of the two.

What is captive portal or intermediary login step?

A captive portal or intermediary login to a network is any required action for new devices to connect to the network. Usually, this involves clicking an "Accept terms of service" or "Connect Now" button, but always requires some sort of manipulation of a mouse on a web page.

Avoid changing the network name and password

If your network credentials change for whatever reason, your Sapient devices will no longer be able to connect to the internet, and they may need to be returned to Sapient to have their stored credentials updated to your new network name and password. To protect your network security, credentials are encrypted and stored on the devices themselves, rather than uploaded wirelessly. Therefore, they can only be updated by a Sapient team member. Should you need to change your network credentials, notify your Sapient representative. New Sapient devices will be shipped to your location with your new network credentials along with a prepaid shipping label to return your old devices.

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