Occasionally, there may be times that you need to email your occupants about the Sapient system. Examples would be:

  • Preparing your occupants for the system installation day
  • Informing your occupants on the use of the system
  • Answering questions that your occupants may have about the system
  • Informing your occupants that the system will be performing a firmware update at night

In each of these cases, you may choose to email your occupants ahead of time. The template below is intended to give you a head start. Feel free to copy-paste all you like.

Preparing for an assessment

We are considering equipping our building with a Sapient smart outlet system that is capable of automating efficient energy practices via smart power strips and outlets. As part of the evaluation process, we'll be allowing Sapient technicians to perform a visual audit of the building and its plugged-in equipment. The technicians will do their best to remain as non-intrusive as possible as they visually count and quickly inspect equipment in common and office areas. You may notice them quickly glancing under desks and looking into offices, although they should not need to move, unplug, or otherwise disturb any equipment or work spaces. 

If you have any questions for the Sapient team in general, you can contact them here or by visiting https://sapient.industries/contact-us.

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