Sapient now produces comprehensive Plug Load Assessments to kick-off engagements with new accounts. By following this checklist, we can ensure that our assessment and proposal for your space is as complete and accurate as possible.

  1. Utility Bills — At least three consecutive, monthly utility bills. Ideally, our analysis would benefit from upwards of a full year’s monthly utility bills. The more information you’re able to send, the more precise we can in our analysis of the impact that we can have on your space.
  2. (Optional) Office Lease — It’s important for us to understand the terms under which you are billed for your utility costs. Occasionally, there are small details that we can leverage to save you even more. If you are not comfortable sending your complete lease, please consider sending only those sections that relate to the terms and structure of your utility billing.
  3. Equipment Count — A rough count of the equipment in your space. Click here to download a simple spreadsheet that will guide you through that process. For a 100k square foot space, it should not take more than 30 mins. Please download and fill out the sheet and return it to us with the items above. 

After completing the checklist

When you have completed this checklist, please send the information that you have gathered to your account executive. As soon as we receive your information, we will begin analyzing your data to produce your assessment and proposal.

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