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Sapient partners with TP-Link to equip their devices with Sapient software and control systems. Off-the-shelf TP-Link devices do not work with your Sapient system; however, many of the tools that TP-Link has developed for troubleshooting will still work with your Sapient system. 

We advise you not to perform these steps unless advised to do so by your account executive. Doing so may cause your devices to behave unpredictably or cease to function entirely. 

We also advise you do not use the Kasa app other than for diagnostic purposes. Doing so may cause your devices to behave unpredictably or cease to function entirely.

Downloading our partner TP-Link mobile application

  1. Please download and install the Kasa Smart app from the App Store or Google Play. Google Play, App Store
  2. Connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect your device to (2.4 GHz only).
  3. Plug your device into a power socket.

Here we will use a single-socket HS100 as an example.

Steps to configure your device via the Kasa App


Your Sapient account executive should have provided you with a Kasa account EMAIL and PASSWORD.

Open the Kasa App and login to your account using the credentials provided to you by your Sapient account executive. 


Add your Smart Plug on kasa app. Tap “+” and “Add a Device”, then click on “Smart plug” and choose an icon according to your model number. In this case, we add a single-socket HS100. If you are configuring a power strip, select "Smart Power Strip".


Follow the instructions on the Kasa app to power on the device, wait for the Wi-Fi light to blink orange and green.

If the light does not blink orange and green, please reset the device.

To reset a single-socket device, hold down the small button found on the top of the device for approximately 10 seconds or until the WiFi LED indicator is flashing orange and green.

To resent a power strip, hold down any one of the buttons indicated with "Plug 1", "Plug 2", Plug -", etc. found next to each of power sockets for approximately 10 seconds or until the circular WiFi LED indicator is flashing orange and green.


Connect your phone to the Smart Plug Wi-Fi. There is a difference between Android and iOS phone in this step.

For Android: Kasa will look for your device automatically, and it will a few seconds.

If you have problem in this step, please go to Settings->Wi-Fi on your smart phone and manually connect to device's Wi-Fi network (same as iOS). It will appear as a network with a name similar to: TP-LINK_HS110_XXXX.

For iOS: Connect to the device's Wi-Fi network manually via Settings->Wi-Fi. The device's network will be indicated with a name similar to TP-LINK_HS110_XXXX. After connecting, return to the Kasa app to continue the setup process.


Connect the device to your network. In this example, we will choose “Deco M5” as our desired 2.4Ghz wireless network. If you cannot find your network in the Wi-Fi list, please click on “Join Other Network” on the bottom of the list of networks, then enter your network SSID and password manually. After this step, your smart plug will be connected to your home network.


The app will then ask you to name your plugs. This step may be ignored. Sapient does not use names given in the Kasa app.


Verify your device is connected to the desired network. Click the Smart Plug icon as seen below. 


to view Device Settings, then click on “Device Info” to view the basic information of the device and to verify that the device is connected to the desired network.


You're done!

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