When inviting a new user or modifying an existing one, Building Access Roles give account administrators and owners the ability to limit access to certain aspects of your system.

Giving users the ability to invite and manage other users

Check this box if you want this user to be able to view and manage this users page that you're using to invite and control new users. If this box is left unchecked, the user can still have various levels of access to the rest of the system, but they will not be able to add new users, change user permissions, or delete users.

Building Access


A member is a "Read Only" user of your entire system. This includes all of the buildings in your account. Members cannot create or edit rules, generate reports, or edit the System.


An Admin can modify all aspects of the system across all available buildings. They can create rules, generate reports, and fully edit all aspects of the System.

Building Specific

Building-specific access limits the permissions according to the building. Within that building, a user can be a Member, Admin, or have no access at all.

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